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Why South of France Weddings Are the Most Beautiful

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When planning a destination wedding in France, many couples choose to go for the bigger cities like Paris. They want to get caught up in the romance and have a Fairy Tale French wedding like they've seen in the movies. However, when it comes to getting married in France, we think that the South of France is the perfect wedding destination. Here are all of the reasons why we think South of France weddings are the most beautiful!

The Relaxed Atmosphere

Getting married is already a stressful and often overwhelming experience. You don't need to add the hustle and bustle of a big French city like Paris to your wedding experience. We find it far more relaxing to plan South of France weddings instead.

The atmosphere in the South of France is laid-back and chilled out. And according to The Independent, its charm lies in its serenity. People here are friendly and warm, and also aren't in as much of a hurry as folks from the big city! Couples who come for their South of France weddings enjoy being able to relax and unwind, to have some time away from their busy lives.

The Cuisine

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Another reason to get married in the South of France is the amazing cuisine. The food in the South of France is based around main components of olive oil, tomato, garlic, onions and herb de Provence. The cuisine in the South of France is also heavily influenced by Mediterranean styles and flavours. So, you can guarantee lots of rich, flavourful and hearty dishes for your wedding menu. Here in Gascony, where The Impeccable Pear plan all of our weddings, we are particularly known for our sensational Foie Gras.

  • Ratatouille
  • Aigoboulido (garlic soup)
  • Pissaladi√®re (an anchovy tart with onion, tomato and olives)
  • Bouillabaisse (a fish and shellfish stew)
  • Fresh local mussels and oysters
  • Fantastic local and regional cheeses

The Scenery

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Some of the best scenery comes from the beautiful countryside in the South of France. You'll fall in love with the charm of the rolling hills, French fields and woodlands as well as the local wildlife. The South of France is also known for its agriculture. Which means that there are lots of wide open fields, lending a relaxed and natural atmosphere to the area.

This makes South of France weddings particularly perfect, as you'll have lots of nearby opportunities for beautiful wedding photos. Why not take a stroll through the fields and woods with your wedding photographer to make the most of the infamous 'golden hour.'

The Chateau Wedding Venues

South of France weddings are famously held in one of the many beautiful Chateau wedding venues that the region has to offer. In fact, the South of France boasts over 500 chateaux! These chateaux are the perfect backdrop for your Fairy Tale wedding, as well as providing the ideal backdrop for some romantic and memorable wedding photos.

south of france weddings - chateau plombis
Chateau Plombis.

At The Impeccable Pear, we plan all of our weddings in French Chateaux. We have two beautiful options available to our couples. Chateau de Lisse which is located in the beautiful region of Gascony. And also Chateau Plombis, situated in Castelgarat, one hour away from Toulouse.

south of france weddings - chateau de lisse

Our couples simply adore these beautiful French Chateaux. And as they are available for exclusive hire, they are able to dance the night away with their guests in total luxury and privacy.

Have You Fallen in Love With South of France Weddings?

Here at The Impeccable Pear, we absolutely adore South of France weddings. We're locals here ourselves, so we know the best that the region has to offer. We've planned over 150 weddings here in France, including some high profile celebrity weddings.

If you're looking for more help or advice on planning a wedding in the South of France, why not get in touch with us today for a free and informal chat?

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